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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well Hello November!

Quick updates:

Logan has his first loose tooth and he's REALLY excited about it. I thought we'd have these little baby teeth forever. The big one is already poking thru behind it. 

Last week I was trying to text my friend Jodi and auto correct was messing up all over the place... I tried text to talk and that was worse... after I had some coffee I tried again and realized Kendal had turned down the accuracy settings on auto correct and changed everything to Spanish.

I saw a squirrel fall out a a tree then look around to see if anyone was watching.. I said "I saw that" and he ran off. I don't like squirrels. When I worked at the phone company in Kalamazoo, MI, I pulled into my spot and there was one standing there shaking his little squirrely fist at me. So I honked at him and he threw a nut at me. I have no sympathy for ass hole rodents.

Loopy told me on Friday that he walked under a rainbow to jump on is mighty unicorn steed and rode it to his car on the way out of work at 5 today. I think this new job thing is going to work out.

"Granpa and Grandpa are here!"

Well, that's what Kendal calls them anyway. Living far away from our parents can be hard. Sometimes I am jealous of my friends who have family living in town to watch their kids or come for dinner every once in a while. I guess when they live far away it makes us appreciate it more when they come to visit. This weekend my mom and dad were in town. The kids both LOVE when Grandma and Grandpa come to town.

Probably the BEST part of having them here (for the kids anyway) is going to swim in the hot tub at the Marriott. Its too cold in the big pool but the hot tub is just right. I'm ok with it because Kendal just floats from one end to the other and Logan is content throwing a little ball back and forth. After getting everyone dressed we headed to Houligans for some dinner. Usually in the first couple hours of grandparents in town its obvious who the 'favorite' will be for the duration of their stay. Last time it was Grandma, this time Kendal attached herself to Grandpa. Logan followed suit. 

Why don't we go here more often? Everyone LOVES Houligans. 

Sunday we decided to head up to St. Augustine. One of my favorite restaurants is on St. George St. I think its called Florida Cracker Cafe. They have a great kids menu, outside seating, gator tail, and the most amazing avocado salad ever. It has lettuce, whole sliced avocado, maters, and then some sort of dressing created by God himself. Well, something like that. Anyway, YUM. (it could only be better if they added bacon)

To waste time before the most delicious meal ever created we played around at the store next door. No idea what its called but they sold shells, alligator head, turtle shells and ridiculous hats and sunglasses. Me and the kids did some modeling for you.

I don't think that lady thought we were funny.
 We hung out at the playground for a couple hours after that. I did't take any pictures but Grandma did, I'll steal those then they get posted on fb.

There is a little preserve area between the Ocean and the Intercoastal on the way home from St. Augustine and we stopped there to feed about 50 turtles and some very pushy fish. The alligator isn't there anymore.. at least he didn't come say hello.

So excited...

Save some for the turtles... 

Grandma throwing bread at Logan.

Sometimes he wanders off.
This is now considered 'hiking'.
Taking pictures of taking pictures
A Syf family tradition.



Monday morning Loopy was excited to go to work (WHAT?) and work on a couple bugs he's been fixing. I took Logan to school and me and Kendal went for breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. Stopping at the beach of coarse, cause its RIGHT there. This is also now declared a hike since it involes being near nature.


Nothing much to report for the rest of the time they were here. I was able to go vote while they stayed home with K. Other than that there was a lot of hanging out at the house and relaxing. I am glad people feel like they CAN come here and just sit and chill. We did go to Lake Mary to see where Loopy works. The building is big and shiny. The lobby is big and has a balcony. We saw a couple of his co-workers coming out and they were friendly and smiling. It seems to happen a lot there.

We are the Knights who saaaay "Ni!!"

Logan was in a wicked grumpy mood after school on Tuesday. Once we fed him he was alright.. That's nothing new. We went to Tilted Kilt for dinner. That was GOOD, and the hot chicks are scantily clad with makes for interesting dinner conversation with my kids and parents. Kendal liked that there were suits of armor around, just like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is her movie choice of the week.

That's all for now folks. 

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