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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Moving Forward

October was brutal. 

I'm ready to move forward and enjoy the new things that life has to offer. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot to be thankful for and some really great things happened this month. Everything just got off to a rocky start and it left me distracted and run down. Lets get caught up and put it behind us!


I got up earlier than usual and went out for coffee with Jessie and Michelle. They both work at Logan's school and I don't get to see them as much as I'd like to. We had some catching up to do! I was in a bit of a mood but made the best of it over coffee and lunch. 

When I got home everyone was playing some Beatles Rockband and relaxing. 

Loopy pursing his "New music career"
Kendal makes a pretty good guitarist..

We also went to a local farm to get pumpkins and enjoy some fall festivities. That cheered me up quite a bit. I took lots of pictures. Of coarse they had farm animals..

A little hay bale maze that the kids tried to rearrange and a big corn maze that we thankfully didn't get lost in.  


And some other random games.. like Prime the Pump to Race the Ducks


And a giant sand box filled with corn. 

Chillin' out and making corn angels...

Hay rides and well... more hay. I'm glad I'm not deathly allergic to it anymore!!

No, no.. 
Line starts HERE!


It's no secret that I am not at all a morning person. I overslept on my first day taking Logan to school. Oops. He slept in too. After 20 min of telling him he has to get up and dressed even though he was 'too tired to wear pants' we stumbled out the door. Loopy got to his first day on time, so that's what matters. 

Loopy's new job is going well. He is struggling to get accustomed to doing only one thing at a time. He is constantly checking for emails that aren't there, expecting to have more tasks ect. But these are good things and he's adjusting really well. Its good to have him home on time and in a good mood. He can't stop smiling and its great. Monday night he was going to head to band practice down in Edgewater but changed his plans to be home for pumpkin carving with the kids even though I told him its no bid deal. I love that he wants to spend time with the family again.  

Faces drawn and ready to carve!

Logan thought scooping was great. 

Kendal got naked and sat on the table.

All done!!

Later that night I was sitting outside and he came to sit with me and tell me all about his first day. It was pretty chilly out (thanks to Hurricane Sandy) and he brought the warm Care Bear blanket.
Happy to be texting Scott from his own phone!

There have already been quite a few moments where he had to stop and let the sanity sink in. He was worried about catching on and producing fast enough but I am pretty sure that's not going to be a problem!


Me and Kendal got Logan to school on time and came home to snuggle on the couch for a while. She's not a morning person either. Maybe worse than me. Eventually she got up to play computer games and I put on the news to see how the Northeast was holding up. Its scary to see how weather can bring a whole region to its knees in one day! I was showing Logan the map and explaining what was going on later that afternoon. He pointed out Michigan:

Logan: Looks like they're getting a hurricane
Me: They are, they haven't ever had one before and don't quite know what to do.
Logan: They need to stay in their house, get one tent, then one more tent, and cover your house with a thick layer of steel. 
Me: And that will keep them safe? 
Logan: Mmmhmm. 
Me: What do they do because they don't have any power?
Logan: Use candles.

Here is an awesome shot from my friend Mark Parren of the high tide in lake Michigan. 

Wednesday, HALLOWEEN!

Logan woke me up right about the time we were supposed to be leaving for school. At least he was up and dressed. They were having a party at school and he was all decked out in his astronaut costume and ready to roll. We almost made it on time. Almost. Loopy decided the night before he was going to be Phantom of the Opera and I should be Christine. So after our morning coffee I tried to get Kendal to come shopping with me.
Me: Time to get some shopping done
Kendal: Oh, lets go.
Me: We should get you dressed first
Kendal: No, I'm good like this. I need a hair clippy though
Me: You are naked. 
Kendal: I'm ready like this. 
Me: its pretty cold.. and you're naked. 
Kendal: I have a hair clippy....
Eventually I convinced her to take a shower and get dressed and we went searching for the perfect Opera gown. Yeah, that doesn't exist in this town. So we had lunch at Steak N Shake instead. 
Her hair is getting so long!
Proud of her new jacket.

After we picked up Logan me and Kendal both took a glorious 2 hour nap while Logan played games on the computer. Loopy got out of work a little early so he would be home in time to go trick or treating with us.I still had to wake Kendal up, She was one tired monster!

In the past we've done what Floridians call Trunk or Treat. This is where about 50 cars park, open their trunks (sometimes decorate them) and everyoone lines up to get candy. Its good for really little kids.. but mine have LOTS of energy so we found a big gated community that opens its doors to hundreds of people. We gave them the choice and they chose houses. It took all of one house for Kendal to realize the goal is to get as much candy as possible. They all got complements on costumes. I went as mom. Lots of people tried to get Loopy to sing for them. When an entire neighborhood gets in the spirit there are parties at every other house. We had a blast. As soon as we got there and started our rounds I realized my camera batteries were dead so we had to use Loopy's phone. Sorry for the blurry.
Time to beg for candy!
My phantom, astronaut, and monster.

Candy break

More candy breaks
Phantom testing the kit kats

too excited to use the sidewalk

always follows the rules

Everytime she was done she'd run down the hill yelling
"I'm coming daadddddyyyy"

This way to more candy

What trick or treating should look like.
 Once we got home we followed the time honored tradition of dumping the buckets and sorting. 

So long October!! 

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