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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Soapboxes and family time

Elections are important 

However, they really bring out the worst in people. 4 years ago social media wasn't as prevalent in society so this is the first time I've really seen how mean people can get when you disagree with them when it comes to politics. I understand that it's important to be informed and be proactive about subjects that you feel strongly about. But seriously, facebook on election week and especially election night is the best people watching EVER!! It's like the whole country is watching this giant sporting event and talking shit about the other team via social media. Memes, edited news clips, unfounded 'facts' ect were flying all over the place. I have friends and family on both teams and many of them were respectful, stating facts and making me laugh the whole time but I was shocked at how beligerant some people got when their 'team' was losing or another person contradicted them. I deleted a few people who were downright mean and insulting to everyone with a different opinion. I want no part of that sort of anger and judgement. It's sad that our differences separate us to the point of not speaking anymore. Nothing is gained from that... Can't we all just get along and agree to disagree? Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox. You should watch this bit from John Stewart because it made me laugh-snort.

The new obsession

The country did not collapse and sink into the swamp the day after elections, so we went on about our business. Last week's favorite movie was Alice in Wonderland. This week it's Holy Grail. When the knights blow up the rabbit with the holy hand grenade and they go down into the cave Kendal keeps asking me "they went down the rabbit hole, where is the big headed queen?" She found the bonus feature disk and made me watch the Lego version on Camelot about 100 times. Its pretty cute so I didn't complain...

She also loves the Hard of Hearing option on the main menu. That just means they yell out the options of the main menu through surround sound speakers. She runs back and forth and yells back at them. Logan is in on the fun too. Did I mention that when my parents were here he volunteered to pray before our meal? He totally did it in Monty Python style. I dont remember the exact words he used but it was something like "Oh God, please bless us thine food to our bodies. Keep us safe if thou food shall kill us..." Its REALLY hard not to laugh when these things happen. I doubt Grandma and Grandpa found that as funny as I did. He also tried to get his friends at school to play along...

Logan: Guess what I taught my friends to play at recess?
Me: What?
Logan: Holy Grail.
Me: were you just galloping around or did you search the castles?
Logan: We were King Arthur, Sir Galahad, and Jayden was the patsy with the coconuts. We went to Castle Anthrax, Camelot, and the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
Me: Did you find the grail?
Logan: Yup!
Thankfully there was nothing in his planner about what they did at Castle Anthrax...

Shopping with kids

After we dropped Logan off on Friday morning I decided to take Kendal down to the farmers market for some home grown produce. She was all excited to take her giraffe on a new adventure. This is how a Kendal searches for lost toys...

Once we found him we were headed down to the beach, you can't beat the scenery here!

There were tons of vendors and Kendal could care less. She was mostly interested in getting her giraffe all dirty so she could give him a bath when we got home. 

We got lots of good stuff for around $15 but she was mostly excited about the blueberries. Maybe we'll head back this week and see what else we can find. 

After we picked up Logan I had to get the regular groceries. Both kids were REALLY well behaved. I think it has something to do with my realization that its best to wait for the end of the shopping trip before stopping to get cookies at the bakery. They were just having a grand ol time in the checkout lane... I have no idea how to rotate this. Logan is chanting "Sprinkle Cookie" Kendal is stuck on "I like M&M's" If the video doesn't work you can watch it HERE

Annual Bounce House Extravaganza 

One a year a local church rents every type of bouncy house ever created and has them set up in Town Center. All the kids within a 25 mile radius hear the hum of 20 generators and swarm the area for FREE popcorn, face painting, entertainment, cotton candy, and more bouncing than any child should attempt after eating cotton candy, popcorn ect.. I was going to take both kids because Loopy had some work to do.

But Kendal refused to stay awake. 

Let the fun BEGIN!!!


Bounce houses as far as the eye can see!

Cotton candy on the way out. I got some to bring home for Kendal but it started melting so I had to eat it. I didn't have a choice.. I love cotton candy.

When we were leaving I saw this giant amazing sand art left over from a festival last weekend. I thought Logan would be amazed by the craftsmanship and skill. He walked right past it and found a tiny little pile of sand off to the side. He is powerless against piles of sand and MUST play in them. 

PLEASE come here and stand next to the work of art so I can take your picture

That wore him out pretty well and before we knew it he was asking to go to bed. We have a strict(ish) bedtime routine that I have probably mentioned before. Everyone cleans up their toys and gets ready for bed, then we sit on the couch to watch a 1/2 hour of tv, and then its story time. Loopy was working on a project while I was getting the kids settled. Kendal had to prepare the care bears... (can't rotate this one either. sorry)

While I was reading to Logan, Kendal was waiting for daddy to finish up. Her blankets must have needed warming up because she peed on them. I had to stop reading with Logan and help her out. When I got back into room he was wearing a mustache...

"Mom! I've been waiting 20 years!"

Once the kids were in bed and everyone had clean dry sheets I went out for coffee with by buddy Scott, cause he's awesome. I don't think I'll ever get sick of midnight coffee. "They" told me that when I'm a "grown up" I can't do that anymore. Lies. Maybe other grownups go to bars or something... 


On weekend mornings when we have nowhere to be and the stars are aligned just right the kids let us both sleep in with little interruption. They came in to ask if they could use the camera to make a couple videos. I switched it to record and sent them on their way. This is one of the movies they came up with

"Can I do YOUR bathroom next?!"

Loopy had to fix a broken toilet and pick up a few things at the store. I was planning to take the kids but Logan through a huge tantrum about how he doesn't want to go and bla bla bla. So he had to stay back with me and clean. Luckily he likes to do things I am not a huge fan of. Like dusting, washing windows, and scrubbing toilets. If only he would fold the laundry... I'll take what I can get I guess. 

Logan has been working really hard to keep his bedroom clean. (WITHOUT BEING TOLD!!) So we were able to have an afternoon jam session. It was going really well and they were writing some new music. Until I got the camera. I would post a video but I don't think you all want to hear "We Will Rock You" AGAIN. For some reason he won't let me record him playing anything else. It was sort of funny though because he was having some tempo issues. That song in 1/2 time is sort of painful to sit through. 

At dinner Logan informed me that the next day was a holiday and there was no school. That means my big plans of dropping Logan off and coming home to snuggle on the couch under care bear blankets was moved to Tuesday... I hate when he's right. Later that night. Loopy said I looked worn out and irritated. So he voluntarily took both kids to Target to pick up a few things. The wonders of a relaxed Loopy continue to amaze me..

Passing time and Mommy Rules

Monday the kids woke up crazy early. Probably because there was no reason to do so. I eventually got everyone dressed and headed to pick up lunch and meet friends at the park.

Ever so impatiently waiting for a turn... 

Attempting to get a group picture

I gave up, maybe Susan got a good one..

Rest and reflect? Yeah, right...

Bye then...

Once we got home I was reading a funny post from a friend who has a couple kids who are just as nuts as mine are (plus one)
"I just broke mommy rule #437 Never leave the room while your child is finger painting! This one should be moved up a few hundred."
I laughed at this, which led to...
"Mommy Karma just showed me rule #439... never laugh at your friend who is cleaning up after breaking rule #437"
 More importantly...
"Mommy Rule #438 Never assume that you can out-stubborn your kid who is crying for candy corn on the kitchen floor because she didn't earn her 'potty reward'. She will pee on the floor and continue to lay in it, crying, until you come to see what her problem is. On the positive side, the kitchen floor got mopped and the kid got bathed.. sigh."
The good news is that we both have a decent sense of humor once the unwarranted and temporary rage wears off. Sometimes its best to just walk away.. to get a glass of wine.

Rainbows, Unicorns, and reality.

Ok, so this new job has had its ups and downs.. like on Saturday when there was a big deployment for a totally new site. Loopy had to put in 12 hours this weekend. That was the down side. The up side is that he was not stressed about it. There was no pressure and yelling and adding features. Instead they were congratulated often and thanked for the hard work, He will also be paid overtime. At one point I overheard his boss on a conference call say "This is ridiculous, these people should be with their families. They need to have some time off next week!" We both looked at each other like "WHAT!?" Anyway. There was a moment of flashback rage on Tuesday because it was a frustrating day in general.. I suppose it is part of the recovery process. 

I was taking nap with Kendal on Wednesday and Loopy got home at about 5:15.. Since he worked late on Friday and put in time on Saturday, he went in later and they sent him home an hour EARLY "so he can balance his work and family life." Literal rainbows and unicorns followed. 

Ok.. so the unicorn didn't just happen, but my friend Karry is awesome and wasted no time creating this little gem. I am seriously considering making this our Christmas card. 

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