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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Shenanigans

April = Styf invasion

Lets make this quick ;) mostly cause it was a month ago already and I have forgotten details. Thank God for pictures or I'd never remember anything!! My parents and my brother were both in town the week of Kendal's birthday. Although not at the same time, it was a good time for all!

Uncle Jeffy was here. Shenanigans.

Back in the day.. .like from Jr High through my HS graduation me and Jeff did everything together. We dated each other's friends (I married one) we went to dances, stayed out all night, snuck out from time to time, got in trouble, supported each other when stuff sucked. It was pretty awesome. Having him around without our kids (in the evening) was sorta fun. I am grateful to have that sort of bond with all my siblings. Enough sappy stuff. The good news is that we still know how to have a good time and start trouble. 
Shenanigan face.

Shenanigans with Kendal
Shenanigans with Logan

He OWNS this place.
Late night pirate adventures

Cold. Freakin'. Pool.
Kendal sitting on a heating thing

I'll save you!! Just don't make me get in.

Running running running 

BAM, Here.

There aren't more pictures of Logan because he was beating strangers with a pool noodle. Then got
kicked out of the pool.

Then this happened...

Its how we roll.
Shenanigans with Flo Rida = Surreal

On stage after we had a moment dancin' together.
Turns out I know his songs and sort of love him.

What the REST of the crowd was doing... 
Jeff and his co-worker, Val
WE were fabulous!!

Dudes like WTF did they hire me for!?
 Award for Whitest Audience to EVER Attend a
Rap Concert by Grammy Winning Artist goes toooooo
The IT people of InForce!
Time with family in Orlando isn't complete
without a trip to a piano bar!
Sippin' some Long Island...
Seriously, I still am not sure what happened to Val's husband or how he got back to the hotel. Last I saw of him was on the way into the Piano bar. The cute lesbian couple didn't think our singing along was appropriate FOR A PIANO BAR and they walked out without paying for their fish bowl margaritas. Whatever.
Jeffy had a plane to catch the next day so he could be home for my niece's birthday and my parents were headed to town.

Parental Shenanigans. 

Kendal was rockin' the 80's shades. I serious bed head!

Me and Kendal got up and headed out to Orlando for the day and Loopy and Logan came a little later after work/school. We had some time to hang out before Grandma and Grandpa got to the resort so we found some ponds and a couple really hungry and brave ducks. 

This guy was trying REALLY hard to get away from Kendal. She just wanted to pet him!

Taking advantage of single kid time with the Grandparents. (Logan was still grounded from the pool for hitting elderly strangers repeatedly with a pool noodle)

Kendal tends to be REALLY grandpa clingy.

He doesn't seem to mind.

At all.

G-pa and Logan at 2 months old
G-pa and Kendal at 4yrs old. 

Its kinda his 'thing'

Loopy and Logan showed up just in time for a rowdy dinner at Fudruckers. That sounds like a naughty word and Logan had an issue with that.

On the way there Kendal said "I have to pee. Its level 11."
I was like "What? That doesn't sound good!"
I'm tellin' you, when a 3yr old says its a level 11 pee they mean it. You better hurry! Ever been in a public restroom and thought MAN that person in the next stall has been going forever!! That's what it was like. Parenting is so enlightening. At least now we have some sort of "how bad do you have to go scale"

After that was taken car of and we ordered our burgers Logan chose the seating area. He found a Beatles themed booth. How cool is that!? He LOVES to make his dad happy.

Kendal turns 4

Logan was sure to wake her up bright and early to see the decorations and streamers. She seemed to be in shock that the day was FINALLY here.

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get here Dad and Logan built his windmill powered light bulb experiment. It wasn't a windy day, so they brought in a fan. Logan looks skeptical.

It didn't work.

Grandma and Grandpa brought some presents.. Like new Dr. Suess books which we LOVE. I sort of thought that suitcase FULL of stuffed elephants was sufficient.
What to open next?

hmmm. What's this? 

"What!? are you SERIOUS!!???"
I replaced that broken Dumbo DVD
This was the best. present. ever.

This girly scream happened.

Moving on...
Grandpa was instructed to hold the movie for her
until she was done. 
Replacement coffee pot
More books.. and a bike shaped present
from Grandma W.

Kendal got a pet dinosaur. Just what she always wanted!!

They are best buddies. She makes him laugh.

Knight in shining armor.. or something.

Diney dressed as an elephant. Thanks for the ears Cassandra!!

Coffee party with Dad and family of elephants.


 Day at Downtown Disney

Killer parking spot! We did a parking lot dance.

Kendal rescuing Dumbo's mom

On a train

Do Not Disco Off The Boat

Logan's first attempt at an
ice cream cone in 3 years.

That's all for family time. Next year EVERYONE will be here in April (assuming Uncle Monkey and aunt Nicki can make it) That should be a good time. 

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