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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A few lost quotes, kidisms, and pictures from April/May

Decisions decisions. 

Sometimes as a parent you have to decide if its better to let them play quietly and deal with the consequences later or check on the kids more often. This day I opted to dry my hair and get ready in peace. This is what happened. 

Look at this sweet innocent face! What trouble could she POSSIBLY have caused?
She mixed 100 bobby pins (that I didn't know we had) with 20 mini erasers and 50 q-tips into 2 formerly filled and folded laundry baskets. I have no idea what the plan was but they were all trapped and in jail and we had to rescue them. This little experiment set me back an hour. I had to sort and refold laundry and separate this mixture. If you wonder why a person with kids is late to a meeting or event and we just shake our heads its because its SO much easier than explaining this. 

These are from when we visited Cat in the hospital and then we went to the Disney Pavilion which was pretty cool but smaller than it looks from the outside. 

Update on Logan's love life

Logan was pissed because I made morning happen again today. But he fell in love and purposed to a new girl today at school. They will be getting married when they turn 18 of coarse. I think Sa'maisah (the one with the pretty face and big thighs) is going to be jealous. 


We were over at the pool with Grandma and Grandpa. Logan was mad because the hot tub was too hot and the pool was too cold at the hotel and also mad that I was in the water anyway. He screamed like a crazy person for a LONG time before I gave up and went inside.

Breaking point

Kendal is tired and slightly moody. Me and my mom nearly slapped a bitch in the room next to them for complaining that my kids were playing (not terribly loudly) at 5:00 in the afternoon and she couldn't hear her TV. She insisted repeatedly that she just LOVES kids but would appreciate it if we could use our "indoor voices" So she could get some peace. Deep breath. Need vacation. Grandpa was PISSED off that someone had the nerve to be rude enough to make us leave instead of spending more time with them the day before they have to fly home. We were right down the street at our house, but it was the principle. 


My friend Susan asked me if I miss the "small town" of Palm Coast and the things we used to enjoy together.. like car rider line. Nope. I don't. 

Real world win #24523

The company Loopy is working for made the annual list of top 100 companies to work for! They asked him to write a testimonial about WHY it is a great place to work. Can you imagine side by side comparison of where he came from!? There is literally an ENTIRE floor worth of people to help do what he did on his own before! He has gotten oodles of recognition and saved huge clients since starting here 8 months ago. They tell him daily THEY are lucky to have HIM. Not the other way around. Life is good.

Getting crafy

Kendal had a Play-doh kinda day

I made this super awesome playdoh elephant that got turned into ice cream for the Very Hungry Caterpillar, but whatever.


As I said before. Logan has had some adjustment issues. Like this one day...

Logan had a smiley face at school today for the first time in a week. That means he was quiet, respectful, and did all his work !!! ... UNTIL about 1/2 hour before he left when he jumped up and started making armpit farts. Instant frowny face  

We decided to take my friend Donna's advice and use a reward system. Some people call it bribery, I call it rewards. Whatever. It works and it works well with my child. 
Here is the system; He wrote down 15 things on little pieces of paper that he loves to do. Such as Date night with mom, uninterrupted LEGO time with mom/dad, Putt Putt golfing, FroYo night, walk home alone from bus stop, choose dinner ect.. If he gets a smiley face at school he gets to draw a reward out of a bucket. If he gets a strait or frowny face we talk about it briefly depending on what the problem was and drop it. This seemed to work immediately. He LOVED the idea of making his own rewards and seeing the instant gratification. 

Today he drew one that says "Make mom pick kumquats off the tree and so I can squash them and throw them at trees" I didn't know that went into the bucket.. but OK! that's free..

Logan was SO proud of himself for getting a happy face this day. He met us on the corner and walked all the way home holding Kendal's hand chattering about their days. I heard:

Logan: I love you, Kendal
Kendal: I love you too, Yogan! I found you at the bus stop and I'll keep you and take you home now. 
Logan: Lets have a hug. 
Me: speechless.

Now they are in his room together and I heard... 
Kendal: I guess I should probably get outta here. 
Logan: No, you don't have to
Kendal: And you want me to stay and play LEGOs!?
Logan: Yeah.
Kendal: AND cars!? Here.. in YOUR room together?
Logan: Sure. 
Even she is a little in shock!

New Neighbors 

My neighbor is outside in his back yard cutting with his table saw. I to all my best carpentry at 10:30pm.. in Tropical storm force wind and rain, too! I think we'll get along just fine.

Logan's Annual Flu

Why is Logan only nice to his sister for 3 days straight when he is about to get hit with the flu!? Refused breakfast now he's sleeping on the couch under blankets with a fever. This might be a long day because he doesn't do sick well. Fingers crossed that he just sleeps it off.

Kendal is cheering Logan on as he pukes. 
Kendal: GREAT spitting Logan!!
Logan: I'm not spitting, I'm puking
Kendal: Well that was a great one. How many did you do
Logan: I think I counted six. 
Kendal: Awesome. 
Kids are so gross. Who has conversations while throwing up!?

Logan wakes up from dead sleep on the couch and sits straight up: I MISSED LUNCH!
Loopy: Um... do you want lunch? 
Logan gets up and walks to the kitchen: I feel better. I need water and a sandwich
Loopy: Whoa! Slow down there buddy.
Logan: ugh. walks back to the couch and pukes, passes back out.
He even sleep walks with the flu!!

So Loopy decided he needed to re-arrange the pantry. I walked into the kitchen and found this:

He's so proud. Notice the list on the door? That is a grocery store layout. So if I have any questions about where things go, I can refer to the cheat sheet. 

This just in, Hell is freezing over

Having a fantastic Monday!! Loopy is working from home, Logan is home from school but all better. The kids have been laughing and playing together since Friday. This is some sort of record. PLUS Everyone was so content that I got to spend the whole day BY MYSELF with Misty shopping for fabric and driving around Longwood/Lake Mary/ Sanford. Aaaaah. Life is good.

I got sunshine, in a bag...

Kendal is walking around with a deflated yellow balloon. If you look sad she will give you some 'happy' from her little bag of sunshine.. Reminds me of a great Gorilla's song...

Park Hopping

Since everyone was feeling better I decided to take the kiddos to a new park. Its called Big Tree Park because there used to be this GIGANTIC tree that you could stand in and it towered over all the other trees around. 

Sadly some Meth head burned it down. But they revamped the park and it was pretty cool to see the other big ass tree there.

Logan got very pissy when he hurt his finger going down the fire pole.

So me and Kendal took him home to Dad and went to a different park

Hunting the perfect pre-school 

Shopping for a VPK for Kendal is proving rather challenging. Her only criteria for an acceptable place is whether or not they have toy elephants and giraffes. So far the pre-school I like the LEAST has the best selection of African animals to play with. That place also serves breakfast and lunch.. things like lentil soup and grits.. yeah, that's going to go over well. 2 more to see this afternoon...

Here she is crying because
I wouldn't put her on the couch. 
I am NOT a fan of 4 yr olds today. She completely lost her schmidt and cried for an hour because she didn't get to stay and play with the elephants at the other school. Loopy came home for lunch and stayed here while I toured the 3rd choice by myself. LOVE the place and we have good references. BUT they are full except the afternoon.. She is still an emotional disaster and sobs uncontrollably if you don't get up to find her toys IMMEDIATELY. her normal sweet voice is replaced by a boogery whiny noise.. I need a drink.


How to stay happily married; Tip #642

Me: I wish i liked beer.
Loopy: Why? 
Me: Its all we have in the fridge. 
Loopy: Do you want wine? I'll go get you some wine.
And then he left to buy me some at 9:30pm. I love this guy.

Another day in parenting

Kendal was standing at the top of the stairs leaning on the balcony asking if she can fly. This was making me nervous, but since she was playing quietly in the newly cleaned upstairs I decided to keep working. I was cleaning the downstairs and was SO proud of my hard work... 

I went upstairs to see how she was doing... THIS is what she was doing... Cleaning while you have children is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.

Anyway, Logan got another smiley. That is FIVE in a row!! You would think that a first grade teacher with a new student having a hard time would acknowledge a VAST improvement. Congratulate him, tell him well done, a high five, SOMETHING. Logan said his teacher hasn't really notice. I'm sad about that but at least he is winning the bribery lottery at home, right? 
Also, We bought annual passes to Disneyworld and Kendal danced the night away with Stitch. We did other stuff too of coarse, but this was the highlight over her evening. 

 Its REALLY hard to top Disney passes, So I'll just stop here for the day. Just got my bike tuned up so I'm gonna go for a ride... Thats not true. I am going to make a drink with rum in it and watch at least 2 episodes of breaking bad. I might eat a brownie.

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