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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wait, what?

Did I miss a whole week? 

What happened there? I remember Thanksgiving weekend then Bluurrrrr and BAM its almost the second week of December. I better do some quick catching up... Seriously, though, where did that other week go? I wrote the last post on a Wednesday. (as usual)  

Fence Trauma from April

THAT was the day Logan was brave enough to go back to Ralph Carter Park. That would be the park where he busted his head open on Kendal's birthday back in April. 

Heather picked him up from school and just offered to entertain him for the afternoon! Brave woman. He had a great time of coarse and fell in love with skateboarding. Guess what he wants for Christmas this year? He's just SO clumsy. I mean, the last injury happened just running into a fence... 

Friday night Sean came over and we all went out to play until it got dark. Normally they hang out and play on the Wii but I was determined to keep them moving. I put on Just Dance and made them entertain me. Mission accomplished. I think this game was invented for two reasons: 
1) drunk people 
2) little kids to entertain grown ups
Both groups have the same dancing ability and are equally funny to watch later. Ok, more so if they are your own kids.

When Sean was about 3 yrs old his mom recorded him dancing to the Madagascar movie. I will post it now, with her permission for your viewing enjoyment! 

Sean wasn't feelin' it after the first dance.. luckily I got it on tape. Watch out youtube! Sean is BACK!! Also, for reference, Logan is wearing his Halloween costume from when he was 3. Inside out, with a sweatshirt. And we are just lucky Kendal was wearing pants.
On with the show.

Saturday was the 1st of December. So to get into the holiday spirit we went out to a Christmas tree farm in Eustis. Gotta say it was pretty cool! My friend Luci asked us to join her family in their little tradition. Heck yes!! Here's some pictures from our day...

1st stop, Fenced in hay pile and visit santa

Taking a breather.

Hi Santa, I'm cute!

"For Christmas, I want a 
Growling T-Rex Dinosaur
and FIRE!!"


"That was my little sister, 
she's so cute."

"Just smile for the camera and send me a letter"

Next stop horseback riding and goat feeding:

Logan hopped right on and took off...

Marky the pro..
Kendal on her tiny pony.

Pretending to go REALLY fast. 

Actually quite slow goin'.

Goat feeding frenzy

Kendal feeding the crazy eye goat. One. Piece. At. A. Time.

Then we did some bouncing on this giant pillow thing.. 

Hard to get your balance on here. 

Turned out to be pretty fun!
Before Marky lost a tooth while bouncing
This is Kendal about to face plant. 

The boys did the Zip Line. 

Kendal was going to go but chickened out when they tried to strap her into the harness.

Feelin' pretty good about it!

Loopy's first time on a zip line.

Then the main event: Cutting down our own tree!

The crew heading out into the "Forest"

Kendal's first choice.. 

Logan's Choice.. 

The 6 year olds found a 
6 year old tree

Important measurements. 

Tree selected

Commence cutting

Assistance was needed 

This child didn't get dirty enough on the farm, So she rubbed her face in the dirt for a while. 

Mission Accomplished!

The men carry the tree back for shaking, drilling, and bagging.

Ok, so it was 75 degrees out, we were all wearing shorts/ tank tops/ Hawiian shirts/ flip flops... and it wasn't exactly a FOREST but we had a great time! Even if it wasn't the Griswald moment Loopy had envisioned.
"She can't see it right now, Clark. Her eyes are frozen, she'll look at it later"
There was lots of other fun stuff that I didn't take pictures of. like roasting hot dogs, S'mores, a hay ride, a train ride, and a big maze. We all loved it and hope to make it an annual event. Thanks for having us along Nance Family!!

When we got home we discovered that the hole they drilled wasn't big enough for the stand we have. No problem, we'll just drill it BIGGER. But the bit was too small, so I found a paddle bit (I like tools) then the drill died. I headed to Target and found a NEW stand for $9.99. SCORE. As an added bonus this one wasn't rusty like our old one. Then I realized I can't find my saw to cut the end a bit. Oh well, into the stand it went. 

Logan helped me put the lights on and did most of the decorating. He took the job VERY seriously. 

He was pretty proud of himself. I'll take a better picture tomorrow.. The memory card on the camera was full because he woke up early to take a 5 minute video of our Polar Express train going around the track. 

The next day needles were dropping and it was pretty sad and droopy. I googled "how to get my Christmas tree to drink water again" Turns out the solution is apsrin. We didn't have any of that, Loopy 'says' he's allergic to it. So I tried some Excedrin  The next day our tree was drinkin' water again and the caffeine seemed to perk it right up. Sweet!

I have no record of Sunday

Monday was super exciting. First Uncle Chris came over on his motorcycle. I've mentioned him before on the blog. (Logan was the 'ring bringer' in his wedding) He's not really our uncle per se but he is more or less family to us around here. One of my all time favorite people. Anyway, in true awesome selfless Chris fashion he offered to let us use his car until ours got fixed. I called Loopy to let him know and there was much rejoicing.

Logan got home from school and was giddy because he lost his first tooth while eating a granola bar at snack time. I am pretty sure he announced it to the whole school. He also told the Christmas tree, his bedroom, his elephant, the swing-set and leaf pile. 

When Loopy got home we ate a quick dinner and headed to pick up the car in Ormond. While we were there Leah (his granddaughter) showed a neat trick with their coffee table..

How many kids can you fit in YOUR table? Beth (Chris' equally awesome wife) is sort of a Pinterest aholic and made sure the tooth fairy had some magic money to leave under the pillow in exchange for the tooth!

Tuesday morning Logan was super excited that the tooth fairy left him money and a certificate under his pillow

AND Pippi (Our Elf) was in his Christmas tree. 

A couple years ago all he wanted for Christmas was his OWN tree. This is all what Santa found on short notice.

Me and Kendal did some more decorating around the house. Including lights on Logan's drums and her bed.

She was pretty excited. 

We Will Rock You sounds the same even with lights on the drums

The body shop called to say that the car would be done a day early and I could pick it up after 4:30. Woot! Me and Kendal headed over there and pay for the repairs and had them leave it out front  so we could do the car shuffle after Loopy got home.

Everyone was in such a good mood that we decided to stop for frozen yogurt at the new place in town.

Doin' the wave.

We love us some FroYo! Kendal doesn't do ice cream cause she's weird like that, but they let her fill a cup of candy for pretty cheap. It was a great idea. The only problem was the over excited kids who had too much sugar running in circles on the couch and ottoman at bedtime. Without pants of coarse. 

Wednesday is also unaccounted for. We took the car back to Chris and that's all I got. Even though it happened yesterday. I didn't sleep at ALL last night. I remember that quite clearly. I hate how my brain works sometimes. There needs to be an off button! 

Today I napped most of the morning. Kendal was really good and only cause minimal destruction and chaos. This TP indecent happened when someone stopped over to borrow a stroller.. Then she locked me out of the house.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find a way to make the 30 days of thankful post interesting or come up with something witty. Not today though, I'm a little out of sorts. I'm really too disinterested to go back and edit this post. So if there are typos and its not arranged all pretty with pictures in the right place I really don't care. I'll fix it later. 

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