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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lets just pretend it's still last year for a moment

Stuff you missed. With little regard for specific dates or times... 

I have to do a quick catch up because if I just skip ahead to current events I'll never remember that I once dressed up as Princess Peach for Halloween, How crappy Logan's costume came out regardless of the hours and frustration involved. I'd forget about the funny shit my kids said or that ONE time Loopy volunteered to clean the toilets. These things MUST be documented!

October kid-isms

Loopy told him to put something on that he never wears.. What we meant was something you don't mind getting paint on  so we can do your book project... Should have been more specific. Cause he put together an outfit he's never worn.

He chose a Despicable Me book. It became a family project. 

Logan brought me these items and said we're gonna play an AWESOME classic game..
Wonder what he has in mind.

Fun facts about Clowny..
Favorite color: brown
Pet: ladybug (actually a very realistic plastic roach)
Favorite animal: caterpillar (actually a very realistic plastic millipede) 
Halloween costume: floating ghost to make him look spooky. 
Favorite food: Lucky charms (foamy shapes)
Best friend: Kendal of course!

I was trying to clean up while Kendal was at school but I couldn't wipe down the coffee table because Clowny wasn't done with his snack of foamy shapes. This honestly startled me when I saw it. You'd think I'd be used to him. Nope.

I'm writing this at the end of January. I'd like to tell you that he's a thing of the past and packed away with the halloween decor. But no, you haven't seen the last of Clowny. He's a family member now. Yay.

Ms. Amanda: Kendal does NOT like Halloween music. Creaky doors, howling, NOT a fan. 
Kendal: Yeah, I had to cover my ears!
driving home..
Me: what was your favorite part of the day?
Kendal: OOh, I just LOVED the spooky music in Ms. Amanda's room! Spooooky!

Logan: mom, I don't like the Polly-O string cheese. 
Me: I know its not as good as the other stuff but it was on sale and I had a coupon.
Logan: I know, but next time you see it at the store just pretend you DON'T have the coupon. In fact just pretend it never existed and move on to the good stuff. 
Yeah, there was a recall on Polly-O the day before. My bad. I have not bought Polly-O since. Even with a coupon.

Logan just went outside to greet Loopy after work... 
Kendal: Well, thats it then. Logan's leaving us...

Halloween Happenings

Kendal wanted to buy Clowny's dad. We did not.

Logan lookin' stylish at Kendal's school festival.

Family Pumpkin Carving. We almost finished with everyone still clothed, but as you see there are no pictures of us posing with the finished products. Why do people lose their pants? "WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS" is one of the most spoken phrases here.

Just the pumpkins
Logan's, Mine, Kendal's, Loopy's

Logan showing off his book project

Kendal and her class

Trick or Treating in the hood 
Princess Peach and Mario
The Dr. and a Cyberman
Logan and Chandler

The neighborhood crew!

Parental Observations of October

Logan has been using his chore chart and it seems to be working pretty well most days. He complains but knows what has to be done. Kendal asked me for one too so all day long she is looking for toys and dishes to put away and asking if I need help with anything so she can put checks on her chart. Loopy wants one too (to prevent nagging).. oh the possibilities! What would you put on your spouses chore chart? I'm thinking something like this... (compliments of BabySideburns)

Loopy just asked me where the toilet bowl cleaner is located... I don't know whether to be happy he is cleaning a toilet without being asked or irritated that he's never cleaned a toilet...

Attempted a Zumba class this morning with Elanie. I realized a few important things
1. I am NOT nor will I ever be a dancer. This white girl has NO rhythm 
2. Full length room size mirrors are not kind to non dancers who gained 25lbs after quitting smoking.
3. The instructor was in her 60s and could pelvic thrust and shake her ass like a 20yr old. She also made O-face a lot which made Elanie giggle.
4. I hate shoes and missed my flip flops terribly.
5. Itchy sports bras are distracting

20 minute power naps are useless.

Loopy's office is being remodeled so he is working from home for the rest of the year. This should be interesting...

November Happenings

You'll have to bear with me here. November was busy, my kids were funny and frustrating, and it was also 30 days of thankful month. I openly admit I only made it 1/2 way through because it was rough for a few weeks there for various reasons and some days I wasn't feeling very thankful. I did better last year! But then again, it was the month Loopy started his new job.. so there was that.. ANYWAY, lets move on.

Camping Shenanigans!!

I'm thankful for my friends and this here campfire.

 "I love red head chilli peckers!" ~ Heather

"Heather and Vodka is a LOUD combination"

Hunting lizards in the rain. Little chilly this morning!

Yeah, Clowny came camping to 'protect us'

Hobo dinner night. These were so good I ate several.



It wasn't me, I swear. Jodi brought Fireball Whisky.


Today I am thankful for this day, this place, and these people!

Songs around the campfire. Life is good.

That was by far the best weekend in recent memory.

30(ish) days of Thankful

I'm thankful I had the chance to spend this weekend with my awesome hubby and my awesome kids. Other people come and go but they are my family and my world. (Even though we were tired and grumpy this afternoon)

Thought I'd have to wrap up this morning's cleaning/ laundry spree to get Kendal and realized I hadn't changed the living room clock yet. Score! I just found a use for that extra hour Misty  you were right... This time. I'm Thankful for THAT right now....

I am so thankful to hear that Tara is officially cancer free. The beautiful, strong, brave 7yr old beat brain cancer and she's on the mend. Congrats to the whole Deam family! I can't WAIT to see your smiling faces at Disney in February for your Make a Wish trip. 

I am grateful to be a stay at home mom. I never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I do. It's exhausting, rewarding, relaxing, stressful, and more adjectives than I can fit into a facebook status. I hope to enjoy this a little longer before I have to get back to 'real life'. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing at this point in life.

I am grateful that Loopy has the patience to teach Logan how to grill burgers. Logan's been looking forward to it all week and they are outside having a father son moment.

I am grateful for Hero Academy because it changes Logan's infuriating attitude problem, and gives me a chance to walk away for a few minutes.. to Walgreens where I bought wine and chocolate.

I am thankful for Kendal's calm demeanor. Through the meltdowns, frustrations, over tiredness she was sweetly telling Logan to settle down and just breath and talk calmly. When he was hysterical she hugged him and said "Its okay Logan, we have rough days. But you don't have to be so sad!" It is so awesome to see her personality coming through. Love my baby girl.

I am thankful for friends like Kari who know how to have a good time and engage in shenanigans that are so amazing they can't be put in a facebook status because they might get us arrested. Or at the very least the stink eye from a few people. Orange IS the new black. One of the best mom's night out. Ever.

I am grateful for a 'day after dumb' recovery day after Daytona Shenanigans with Kari. 

I am thankful for hilarious dinner conversations with my kids. They remind me of dinner with my siblings growing up.

I am thankful for the cute little things my daughter does, like picnics on the living room floor. She made sure everyone had their favorite color plate (or we were asked to just pretend) I'm also thankful we are carefree enough to just go with it.

I am thankful for the motivation to get my mom-butt back in shape. I'm more out of shape than I've EVER been and its freaking me out. Time to fix it. Although tomorrow when I can't walk or function because of today's motivation I might feel differently.

I am thankful that my parents are in town. We only get to see each other a couple weekends a year and the kids are LOVING it. Kendal in particular is absolutely giddy to be snuggled up with her Grandpa or holding his hand everywhere we go. I love watching them together. There is something special about seeing your dad and your daughter smiling at each other simply because they are together.

We are thankful for a day off to ride roller coasters at Disney kid free. A whole day to ourselves... happens but once a year. Thanks mom and dad!

I am thankful that we were able to spend a day with just Logan. He doesn't get a special day with the grown ups very often. He was pretty disappointed about the foggy shuttle launch but there is always next time. It was nice to spend a day focused on Logan for a change.

I am grateful that my hubby is able to stay calm and understanding when I am losing my cool. He is every bit the amazing dad that I knew he would be. Sometimes its the other way around but the last few days he's been the calm in the shit storm of child rearing. Tomorrow is another day and we'll try again.

I am thankful for a calm day and my dad's cheesecake.

I am thankful for Facebook. I love talking to old and new friends. I love seeing everyone from ALL different backgrounds talk to each other and joke around. Sometimes you people are really funny and I giggle to myself all day. When I need advice or have a question someone is around to answer of offer suggestions. I get updates on people I care about and have the power to delete the ones I don't. I get WAY less done that I should most of the time but this is hands down the most fun time waster I've come across in a REALLY long time.

I was grateful to spend some impromptu time with Karry and Melanie at the beach last night. I'd rather hang out and drink coffee at the ocean than spend the night in labor and delivery a couple months early. But i'd do it in a heartbeat

I am grateful for days where my kids play together without injury or major meltdowns, no one had to threaten another family member's well being, and the house was clean at the end of it all.

I am thankful for Sunday afternoon naps.

I am thankful for being a stay at home mom cause sometimes that means sittin' on my ass and watching Netflix all day.

I am thankful for coffee.

I am thankful for a family with a fantastic sense of humor. They make me laugh all day. Every day. Even when they are losing their shit and yelling like crazy people. I know it is temporary and they'll be awesome again eventually.

I am thankful it is 70 and sunny out. Windows are open, floors are somewhat clean (DON'T GO UPSTAIRS) a few last minute groceries to purchase and we are ready to take on Turkey day. Whoop Whoop!!

Coming Soon

The rest of November, All of December, and Most of January. It won't happen fast, or all at once, but it'll happen! 

And in case you missed it.

Go watch this

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